Friday, February 18, 2005

Welcome JHTatoo fans.

Come on in. Sit down. Man am I glad to be shed of the Jesushadatatoo name. For one thing I spelled Tattoo wrong and I dug in too deep to fix it. For another, I got tired of writing about scrotums, boners, farts, poop, scrotums and boners. And finally, Jesus came to me in a dream and I'll be goddammed if it wasn't a birthmark. Go figure.

This - Alppuccino - is a classy site so please, do that in the bathroom and get a Kleenex for God's sake!

This site, with its clean lines and trendy formatting, will be dedicated to answering life's toughest questions. First on the docket is a question from the Midwestern city of Columbus, Ohio:

If I want to be a "Major League Town" should I jump into this hockey thing?

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