Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Both my "Bush/Cheney" signs were stolen right out of my yard the other day. As it turns out all the B/C sigs were stolen on our rural road while the one Kerry sign remains unmolested. I'm not smart enough to draw any conclusions and I don't want to make any wild accusations without all the facts.

I did put up a permanent sign on an iron post and then I left the family pitbull tied to it.

"He will personally bite off heads, ears, arms and legs of the sign stealers........... and if caught I will attach phone wires to their male genitalia and turn up the power" (provided they are male and they do have genitalia)

The beaming ray of light in this whole thing is this: If all Bush signs have been stolen and the 2 or 3 Kerry signs in the county remain, anyone with any common sense will know that an empty yard is the yard of a proud W supporter. I'd say our county shakes out at about 99.8% for Bush.